Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Three-Bin Organizing: Free How-to eBook

The Get Organized Club's first eBook was released today - a how-to nook explaining the three-bin organizing system in more detail. 

Three-Bin Organizing System
This short eBook is free, and it will always be free, so grab your copy.

The Get Organized Club's Three-Bin Organizing System

Also, feel free to come back here with any comments or questions you have, because if anything in the book is unclear, I would really like your input so I can update it and make it as useful as possible to everyone who reads it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Organization Tips for the Kitchen

It is hard to feel good about your home when it's a mess, and that applies whether you're talking about the kitchen or any other room, but this post focuses only on organizing the kitchen.

Kitchen Organization

Kitchen Cabinet Organization
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kitchen cabinet organizer!
 While organizing should always begin with taking a look around the room and making  a plan, you don't have to invest a lot of time in this step, because you won't really know exactly what you need to do until you jump in there and get started.

Just make a very general plan, to get yourself started - momentum is your friend when you're trying to get organized, because once you start it feels great and you'll - hopefully - want to keep going.

Organizing Tips

The best place to start depends on the amount of disorganization you're dealing with - if clutter hoarding is a problem in the kitchen you're cleaning, you'll almost have to start with decluttering.


Set up a couple of boxes or plastic storage bins, and a trash can, then begin sorting things into the bins.

  • Stack things as neatly as possible, so more fits in the bins.
  • Take the trash out as soon as the trash can gets full, so it won't get knocked over and have to be picked up a second time.
  • Stop to wash dishes as soon as the bins are full.
  • Wipe down counters, dust, and mop as soon as a surface is cleaned off.

Get Organized

How to Organize Your Organize Your Kitchen
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Organize the kitchen for convenience - put items used for baking closer to the oven, put pots and pans and cooking utensils close to the cook-top.

Take advantage of labeling. Get out your P-Touch or Dymo, or just use masking tape and a marker to make note of where things belong. This makes it easier to stay organized as you get used to your new, tidy kitchen layout.

I hope these kitchen organizing ideas inspire you and you find them helpful - and I invite you to ask questions, leave a comment, and browse around the site to learn more home organization ideas.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

How to Organize Your Closet if it's Tiny

Empty out your little closet, if you're ready to learn how to organize your closet.

This video I chose to share today shows you how to control the clutter and make a tiny closet look neat and organized.

How to Organize Your Closet if it's Tiny

Friday, March 6, 2015

Three Easy Steps to Organize Your Closet Quickly and Easily - It's Closet Makeover Time!

Three Easy Steps to Organize Your Closet Quickly and Easily - It's Closet Makeover Time! Three Easy Steps to Organize Your Closet Quickly and Easily - It's Closet Makeover Time!
By Debra Carlton
Have you taken a close look at the contents of your closet recently?
Does it make you feel stressed when you see how disorganized it is?
If you haven't organized your closet recently, you might be a tad surprised at what you find inside if you take a really good look!
Here are some things that you might find - incomplete outfits, mismatched items, dusty winter coats, jackets which are in need of a good dry clean. Sound familiar?
These might just be some of the problems that you experience when you start to organize your closet.
If you are a clutter bug, then you may be having difficulties with parting with any of your clothes, since clutter bugs love to hoard items.
Then there are those unloved clothes that sit in the back of the closet. I call these the "some day I will get around to wearing that nice blouse that Auntie Jane" gave me type of clothes. Your thinking will probably run along these lines - "She was so kind to give me that blouse last Chrismas, and I should really wear it for the upcoming family Christmas lunch to show her. Thinking about it, that was Christmas lunch a year ago when she gave me that present, how time passes and I still haven't worn that blouse."
Come up with a plan to help you organize your closet - the simpler the plan, the better.
Here are some useful tips to help you to organize your closet, hassle free and fuss free.
Step 1 - Organize your Closet - Do a Stocktake
If your closet functions well, then you should have just the right amount of clothes, and be able to easily locate individual items when you want to wear them.
Try to streamline and organize your closet by throwing away unnecessary items.
Firstly remove all your clothes from the closet, and review each item of clothing to either place it in the "to keep" pile or the "get rid of" pile.
Clothes that are ill fitting, too small or too large, damaged or torn should be thrown out.
Clothes that are in need of repair, i.e. missing buttons, broken zips should be placed in a separate pile. Only repair clothing items that are worn regularly.
Step 2 - Organize your Closet - Give Away
Dispose of old clothes by giving them away to other family members, relatives or friends who can make good use of them. You could also donate them to a charity shop or orphanage.
Another good option is to sell your clothes on eBay or to hold a garage sale on the weekend to sell unwanted household goods and clothing items.
Step 3 - Organize your Closet - Sort and Arrange
Arrange and organize your closet so that you can easily find your clothes.
You could arrange your clothing by grouping like items together. i.e. place all blouses in one group, skirts together, and pants in a separate area of your closet.
You could group your clothes according to type - therefore all your working clothes would be located in one area of your closet, and your casual weekend clothes would be placed in another area.
Try to organize your closet using a method to suit your lifestyle. If you spend the bulk of the week wearing work work clothes, pants and jackets, then place these items at the front of your closet.
Make time to organize your closet today. You will be glad to get rid of all that clutter in your closet once and for all.
DEBRA CARLTON is a home organization and declutter author. For a free mini course with the best clutter tips on how to organize your closet today, visit
Article Source:!&id=5048166

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Office Cleaning Tips

It is so hard to get your work done in a cluttered, dirty office, and it can be so easy to take control of the chaos.

Office Cleaning Tips

Start with a plan. Look around the office and make a list of what needs to be done - the two common things are organizing and cleaning, but an awful lot can go into those two broad categories.

  • Grab a pen and paper and give yourself five or ten minutes to make that list mentioned above. Don't worry about putting things in any order, just write them as you see them. 
  • Review the list to see which things you can group together. For example, if you have one area that is dirty and needs industrial strength cleaner, coat the area with cleaner while you tackle a smaller mess for ten minutes while the cleaner soaks in. Then go back and wipe up the cleaner - if it has soaked long enough, you won't even have to scrub. (That's a tip from my days working for a cleaning service - and it really does work as a time saver, and saves your arms from scrubbing, too.
  • Use the list as your guide as you clean the office, and make sure to check off each thing as you complete it, because checking things off a list is an emotionally satisfying thing to do - it says, "Success!" 

Professional Cleaning Tips

I already let one of my professional cleaning tips slip in the section above - let the cleaner have time to do its job and use the time while you wait to tackle something else.

Have two brooms and a mop for cleaning hardwood floors. Sweep, mop, then sweep again with the clean broom - this is another tip from my days with the cleaning service. It just gets your floor so much cleaner and it's worth the few extra minutes.

Set up several baskets, so you can sort clutter as you sift through it. This reduces the time you'll spend later when you're ready to file papers or deliver lost items to other offices or rooms.

Office Carpet Cleaning

If the carpet in your office is looking shabby, you can either replace it, clean it yourself, or hire a carpet cleaning service to do it for you.

  • Since it typically isn't practical to replace it due to expense, you can decide between doing it yourself or having it professionally cleaned by checking to see just how dirty it is. 
  • If it is lightly soiled, you can generally pick up a steam cleaner and tackle it yourself. 
  • If it is deeply soiled, however, a pro can get it much cleaner, and often make it look like new.

Green Cleaning Products

Grab some eco-friendly products for green cleaning the office, and be kind to your skin, your lungs, and still get your office sparkling clean. 

Take full advantage of the tip above about letting the cleaner soak in - you'll use less cleaner in the long run and you'll save your arms and hands from a lot of abrasive scrubbing.

Organizing Tips for Office Efficiency

I already touched on this tip, too. Put out bins or baskets - one for each type of thing, or each destination - sort of surround yourself with them if you're cleaning a large mess - so everything you need to reach is within arm's reach. Then drop items into the different containers. 
  • Then, as you deliver the containers, put everything in the container away before you do anything else. 
  • Finally, move the containers as you expand your arc of cleanliness - so everything stays easy to reach.

Make cleaning the office as easy as possible, so you can get back to work and enjoy a stress-free work area.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Underbed Storage Tips

When I was a kid, one of my family's favorite "cleaning tricks" was to stuff things under furniture to hide clutter when company was coming over, and I hated it because I could never find my things after our company went home.

Imagine my surprise, and delight when I discovered there was a way to make use of the space under the bed for something other than an abyss for hiding things that should have been put away right in the first place!

Underbed Storage Tips

  • I like to store things under the bed that won't be needed for at least a season, so my first tip is to neatly pack the container you are using. 
  • My second tip is to be aware of the underbed conditions, such as prone to mildew - or mice - or moths, and pack necessary things to battle any known problems along with the things you are storing down there. (It's easier to tuck some fabric softener sheets in the containers to repel critters than it is to find your favorite sweater or high school sweetheart's love letters  chewed to shreds.)
  • My third tip is, don't underestimate the value of accurate labeling. Use a P-Touch or Dymo labeler, or just grab a Sharpie and list the container's contents on an easy to see spot. That way, you don't have to pull it out and unpack it every time you can't find something - you will know at a glance exactly what is in the storage box under your bed.

Container to Store Garments

While storage units are great and serve a purpose in certain situations, at home storage is tops for  convenience, even when it's physically under the furniture. Some natural fiber textiles do best when packed in breathable cedar-lined trunks or drawers, but most clothing can safely be stored in plasticized storage containers for at least a couple months.

Shallow Underbed storage

Long, narrow, and shallow, plastic box storage containers are the most common type of underbed storage container.

Plastic Bins for Storage

As far as brands, the best way to find the perfect container for your needs is to take measurements of your available space, and start by looking at the selection of Rubbermaid underbed storage container units.

  • I suggest starting with the brand name, at least as far as the shopping and comparison stage, because the Rubbermaid logo is easy to spot, and it lets you see the available features offered by the company that pretty much sets a high quality standard in storage containers. 
  • That in no way means I'm recommending one brand as the best, because there are a lot of excellent storage container brands, but Rubbermaid containers, in my experience, are good and worth checking out while you make comparisons.

Cardboard Boxes

For short term underbed storage, cardboard bed boxes provide a less costly alternative to plastic, and are every bit as effective at keeping your stored items neatly organized - as long as you label the boxes.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Simple Tips for Decluttering

While the biggest and most important tip I can give you about decluttering is just to take the bull by the horns and get started, there are a few smaller things you can do to break the task into manageable parts.

3 Easy Tips for Decluttering

  • Make a plan before you begin. Make it an easy plan, though, decide where you will put garbage, dishes, laundry, and items for each of the home's occupants. If the mess is small, like the clutter in this photo, there won't be much to the task, but if you're tackling a clutter hoarding situation, it's especially helpful to know where each type of item goes.
  • As you fill each container, stop and deal with it. If it's dirty dishes, sometimes it's easier to deal with a sinkful and go do something else, rather than spending hours bent over the sink washing every dish in the house. Same for laundry, or any other chore.
  • Limit your time organizing to what you feel is reasonable. I know you want it DONE, but getting overtired with achy muscles will set you back in the long run.

Clutter image courtesy of MorgueFile


  • Give yourself a pat on the back for every small achievement as you work, and don't talk about what you've achieved to anyone who won't be supportive. People who don't struggle with clutter problems don't understand, and family members often find it easier to blame others for the mess in the first place, rather than taking responsibility for their roles in it.

How to Declutter

Find, make, or buy things to put the  clutter in - you cannot tackle a clutter problem if you don't have places for everything. Baskets are great, because a basket contains some of the clutter while looking nice on your shelf or tabletop.

Declutter Your Home

There are so many great reasons to get rid of clutter.

  • Clutter creates stress.
  • It makes you feel bad about yourself and your life.
  • You can't find things you need if they're lost in clutter.
  • Clutter attracts unwanted critters (mice, roaches, bedbugs, and silverfish, just to name a few.)
  • Life is easier when your things are organized.